Salsa in Paris


BAKIDO, an identity name reflecting the teaching and philosophy of its creator, (former competitor and karate teacher) Mouaze Konaté.

Integrity, courage and sincerity are an integral part of his way of life. Values similar to the art of BUSHIDO (Bushi=warrior, Do=the way, the path).

Mouaze has 3 first names: El-hadji, Mouaze and "BAKI". The "DO" stands for pedagogy, but above all for the spirit that will help you find your way, your path in salsa and beyond.


A school made to share its passion for music and dance. Let's dance salsa together with our friends of today and tomorrow.



Studio Harmonic

Monday evening

5, passage des Taillandiers
75011 Paris
(métro Bastille)

Sensation Dance School

Wednesday evening

105, rue de Tolbiac
75013 Paris
(métro Olympiades)


Address coming soon


Address coming soon


Mouaze Konaté

He travels the world, accompanying Latin World stars such as Eddie Palmieri, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Andy Montanez on stage.

Today, BAKIDO is training future generations of dancers who are already filling the dancefloors of Paris, France and abroad.

Mouaze and his long-time friend and partner Yoshi also organize the PISC (Paris international salsa congress). This is the salsa event of the year, attracting over 2,000 people.

Mouaze Konaté is a complete and committed artist.

Salsa is his passion, his profession and his life.

Recognized as one of the greatest exponents of salsa in France. A charismatic personality, showman and talented choreographer. His style and pedagogy attract salsa enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Nevertheless, martial arts were his first vocation. He earned a black belt in karate, taught at US Créteil and won several medals. He did his military service with the Joinville Battalion (high-level sports section). 

His destiny seemed to be all mapped out, but his passion for salsa was greater.

In 1997, he began studying Cuban salsa with Roberto El Cubano at the Montecristo, then Puerto Rican with Wilson Sither at the Centre de Danse du Marais.

In 1999 Mouaze joined the Salsabor company directed by Clifford Jasmin and Valérie Mitchelson, performing in France, Europe, USA and San Juan-Puertorico.

The latter will remain an important city for him, as it was there that, in July 2004, he undertook university training under the guidance of Eddie Torres and other renowned dancers and musicians.

There he learned the history of salsa, perfected his knowledge of musical structure and honed his Mambo On2 technique.

He then continued his journey with multiple and great collaborations of exceptional dancers (Séverine Cartesse, Aude Michon, Fanny Frosini, Ella Jauk, Kristel Cauvelet, Sonia Cavallaro, Coya Asopo, Sara Milan).

Mouaze's stage performances are of the highest quality. The variety and originality of his shows are due to his interest in different worlds of dance and entertainment. 

Also established in the audiovisual world: he worked on the video clip " Candela " of Luis Aseth. Dancer-Choreographer for Celebrity Dancing, Danse avec les stars on TF1, Dancing Show, Vivement Dimanche " La Chance aux Chansons " on France 2, and C'est mon choix on France 3.